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Giving or receiving a gift is a risky situation, especially during commercial negotiations. The consequences can be serious for both the employee and the company.

You want to :
- know and understand Bouygues Construction's gifts and invitations policy
- adopt the right reflexes in situations where gifts are given or accepted
- ... and win a fully biodegradable and recyclable multi-connector smartphone charging cable?

Then take part in our quiz on Bouygues Construction's gifts and invitations policy! Click here

To win your multi-connector smartphone charging cable, all you have to do is :
- watch the video "How to use the Gifts & Invitations Policy",
- consult the practical guide to implementing the Code of Ethics, which translates the commitments made by the Bouygues Construction Group under the Code of Ethics and the Compliance Programmes into concrete rules,
- play the quiz and validate - with a result of at least 80% correct answers - the acquisition of the knowledge contained in this video and this guide,
- be among the first 50 to pass this quiz!

Are you ready to try our quiz? Then don't hesitate, 100% of the winners have tried their luck!
To participate in our quiz, Click here

See you at the end of January 2022 for the results: the winners will be informed via their professional email address.
In addition - at the end of January - a draw will be held among the first 50 correct answers to win a surprise gift!


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Contact : Charlotte Becquart
Référent conformité Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe
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