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Impulse Partners supports the innovation of all involved in the life of a city life. Bouygues Construction Open Innovation is an international investment fund and an internal innovation laboratory as well as a forward-thinking operation. For the past eight years, Impulse Partners has been advising Bouygues Construction on its strategy and the operational realisation of its innovation projects and programmes. On the strength of this historical collaboration and the high degree of mutual trust that has been established, they are renewing their partnership.

BYCN has a very advanced innovation structure and provides start-ups with lots of interesting practical examples. Its teams are eager to turn to external innovations but also to remove obstacles to collaboration between affiliates.

Arnaud Menard partner at Impulse Partners

A high-performing partnership

This year, the partnership will reinforce BYCN’s process to develop its open innovation – the conviction held by both partners is one of the keys to the success of their long-standing collaboration – and to cooperate with start-ups. Among the subjects on the agenda: the reduction of carbon emissions and the optimisation of productivity thanks to digital technology. To achieve this, Impulse Partners is undertaking to carry out ‘sourcing’ and ‘deal flow’, that it is to say the monitoring, identification and qualification of innovative projects, notably via the organisation of start-up selection committees. It will also be connecting them with an ecosystem of operators.

This ongoing relationship with start-ups stimulates our ability to innovate quickly and without risk on a Europe-wide scale via our affiliates working with Impulse Partners on their innovation iniatives in the UK, in Germany and soon elsewhere in the world.

Julien Bourcerie Open Innovation Director at Bouygues Construction

Open Innovation: central to Bouygues Construction’s strategy

What Open Innovation includes has developed hugely. For Julien Bourcerie: ‘It is our ability to structure our innovation process, and to encourage teamwork to anticipate developments, without gender discrimination. In other words, by including everyone involved in the sector: start-ups and private companies but also institutions, local and regional authorities, national programmes, non-profit networks, umbrella groups and even intrapreneurs. ‘Thanks to Impulse Partners, we have had the opportunity, for example, to connect with Saint Gobain, the ECT Group (operating in excavated soil), the Cement Lab and also more than 300 start-ups’, enthuses Julien Bourcerie.

What does innovation look like at Bouygues Construction?

Like an enlarged crane that can be operated remotely, developed by the start-up Lextan. But also, the reduction of carbon footprint by measuring work-site energy consumption with the Smart Impulse. In terms of internal start-ups, Omniscient is improving work-site productivity, while Com’in warns local residents of forthcoming work-site nuisance.

Contact us for more information!

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Contact : Julien BOURCERIE
Head of open innovation and corporate venture at Bouygues Construction SA
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