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At the centre of employee support.

Since September 2021, the Top Management (over 500 people from across the world) from each of the subsidiaries within Bouygues Construction have been working on the creation of our new ‘Greenlight’ strategy. This is now completed and will be rolled out from the end of the year.

The aim of this strategy is to prepare the company so that it can respond to changes in society, markets and customers, as well as environmental changes, and return to strong growth. Bouygues Construction University is on hand to support these many changes!

Just like the group, BCU is developing, differentiating and transforming itself as well as positioning itself to be at the centre of support for all employees. Its objective is to develop its training offer by expanding its methods in a very thorough manner.

What is its belief? Distinctiveness creates value in all of us.

As a result, from the beginning of October, BCU will be offering all of the group's employees, whether in person at Challenger or remotely via Zoom, the opportunity to learn in a different way by meeting exceptional speakers with inspiring backgrounds which set them apart!

Bouygues Construction University’s aim is to offer everyone new presentations in French and in English every two months or so. Get off to a flying start with a former fighter pilot!

Pierre-Henri Chuet – an exceptional story.

As an ex-pilot with the US Navy and the French Navy, Pierre-Henri Chuet has over 2,500 hours of flying to his name. He has flown from aircraft carriers among the fighter pilot elite.

At the age of 20, he got himself noticed in the sporting world and took part in 3 world championships in different disciplines: precision flying & air rally flying, long-distance triathlon, and short-distance duathlon.

Pierre-Henri then became an airline pilot before putting his aviation career aside after he suffered a stroke at the age of 31. Nowadays, he is a consultant, conference lecturer and influencer on social media.

Beyond the cockpit with Pierre-Henri.
Bouygues Construction teams will be looking forward to seeing you on Thursday 13 October from 12.15pm in the Auditorium at Challenger or live on Zoom. Click here to add the Outlook invitation to your diary.
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Contact : Florent TEMBOURY
Digital Learning Officer
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