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VCES has just begun work on the Tesla Hloubětín housing development in Prague, Czech Republic, in the district of Hloubětín, to the north-east of the city. Tesla Hloubětín is designed by the Central Group, one of the leading Czech property developers and is one of Prague’s major new residential projects. 

The global 67,000m² project will comprise 1,500 new apartments housing over 3,000 residents. In addition, there will be two new nursery schools with seven children’s playgrounds and an outdoor fitness zone. At ground floor level, almost 6,000m² will be dedicated to shops, including a supermarket, restaurants, cafés and services. The development will be completed by a large park, green areas and a pedestrian zone. 

On the project’s first phase VCES will take part for an amount of 28.5M€. Whole phase one will be made up of four residential buildings with a total of 351 apartments, seven shopping areas and a nursery school. Delivery is scheduled for the end of 2024.

In the same neighborhood, VCES has been rewarded for its diversification strategy with the signing of a 50M€ contract with DPP, the transport operator of the Prague city, for a project to modernize the city’s transport network. A new railroad depot for tramways will cover 6 hectares: it is the most extensive project that Prague’s tramway network has ever known. These two new contracts show just how well VCES has slotted into its local fabric, which should help it pursue its organic growth, in line with the Greenlight framework.

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