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An overview of Linkcity and two operational examples

As part of this virtual meeting, Joseph presented Linkcity, its place within the Bouygues group, and its role as a general contractor, but he also detailed its work using two flagship regional projects as examples:

- The hôtel hospitalier, a property that was designed first and foremost to accommodate CHU Amiens Picardie users (such as patients, accompanying individuals, doctors, and researchers), located a stone’s throw away, therefore addressing the problem of access to high-quality temporary accommodation suitable for the healthcare sector;
- The Estacade, an urban renewal operation in Compiègne where a former industrial site was demolished, decontaminated, and rendered viable in order to be transformed into a city district through the creation of roads serving a combination of multi-unit and individual housing, as well as local shops.

“Real estate development is really exciting. Many of its numerous facets are unknown to students. I was delighted to be able to share my enthusiasm because, for me, it is just as important to build as it is to share the potential of real estate development and its impact on the composition of the city of tomorrow,” declares Joseph Caudevelle, regional director at Linkcity Ile-de-France.

A positive satisfaction survey!

Following this event, Compiègne University of Technology carried out a survey and the results were encouraging!
70 people registered, and over 50 target students (from the Urban Engineering course) were present during the Stream. A lot of them were interested in Linkcity, its activities, its various business areas—with interest expressed in seeking internships—and others wanted to know more about current operations in the region.
The event and the clear answers it provided were appreciated (76%). Some would have liked it to be longer than the rather limiting 45 minutes because the topics covered were so fascinating! It’s true that the ecosystem of partners for urban projects and the innovation occurring as part of real estate operations—the group’s testing grounds—represent real founts of knowledge!

“I appreciated that it was a former student from Compiègne giving the presentation, and that it revolved around Compiègne. The fact that he studied at Compiègne broke the ice and made it easier to talk to him," shares a student.
Mission accomplished for Joseph Caudevelle and Linkcity’s HR teams: 81% of the participants want to join us!

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Contact : Joseph CAUDEVELLE
Regional Director at Linkcity Hauts-de-France
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