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Work. Learn. Explore.

What if tomorrow you were part of a worldwide aventure?

As part of our drive to better manage international talents and to help further develop a more international company mindset, we have designed an International Talent Development programme called ‘Bridges’.

Organised around 3 pillars (Work. Learn. Explore), this programme will provide you with ‘bridges’ to mobility and a key to open the door to an international career.


What are the main elements of the Bridges programme?

The programme will start in September 2022 and will comprise the following elements:

- 2 years abroad in 2 different countries (to be determined by the company),
- A personalised follow-up (mentoring by Senior Managers),
- Technical, cross cultural and self-development training,
- A commitment from the Group to offer an opportunity at the end of the programme.

Who are we targeting for the Bridges programme?

A group of 20 participants from the Civil Works Division with:

- Experience in the Group,
- A minimum of 2 years’ and a maximum of 7 years' professional experience overall,
- A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.  

Is the Bridges programme for you?

- Are you adventurous, curious, and committed?
- Do you thrive in a multicultural environment?
- Do you want to discover new places and new cultures?

Then Bridges is for you!

Next step?

Come and meet us during one of our Teams Presentation Meetings to find out more!

Thursday – 3rd of March 2022, 8:30 am CET
Friday - 11th of March 2022, 9:00 am CET
Monday – 14th of March 2022, 8:00 am CET
Monday – 14th of March 2022, 10:00 am CET

In the meantime, please watch the short video below:


Applications are now open and will be until March 20th 2022.
If you want to apply directly to the Bridges programme, please send your CV to the following email:


Any question? Feel free to reach out and send us an email to

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