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Want to know more about the disability policy at Bouygues Construction? Watch the video of Nantenin Keïta!

(Re)discover the 4 key areas of Bouygues Construction’s disability policy:
- Recruitment and welcome of employees with disabilities;
- Retention in employment when disability occurs during the course of a career;
- Raising awareness and informing employees and stakeholders about the Group’s disability-friendly policy;
- Use of sheltered and adapted employment sector.

Recruitment and welcome of employees with disabilities
Retention in employment

Entities within Bouygues Construction regularly take part in specialist forums in order to enhance the recruitment of people with disabilities.
Employees, supported by their disability advisor, human resources manager and manager, can benefit from skills assessments and training paid for using financial assistance. Tools and training are available for all human resources managers in order to educate them on how to manage situations involving the continued employment of employees at risk of being declared unfit for work, whether or not they are recognised as disabled workers.
Retention in employment involves physical or organisational adaptations to the workplace (ergonomic seats, adjustment of working hours, adaptation to vehicles, etc.), and internal and external redeployment.
To find out more, please contact disability advisors here!

Raising awareness of disabilities to increase inclusion

Bouygues Construction has a network of disability advisors who are part of a disability committee. All entities at Bouygues Construction have a disability agreement which sets out their commitments.
Online learning about disability is available at Byle@rn and is part of the In'Pulse digital integration programme.
You can take part here!

Sub-contracting: think the sheltered and adapted employment sector!

The sheltered and adapted employment sector is used for structured work within each entity. The disability committee works closely with Bouygues Construction Purchasing. Some entities automatically use the sheltered and adapted employment sector for the production of business cards and goodies, or for their food tray orders. To help with use of the adapted employment sector, consult the TIH list (self-employed persons with disabilities) in various sectors, such as event photography, well-being at work and management consulting, etc.

A monthly meeting to find out all about disability schemes
Ask any questions you may have about disability to an expert on the subject, such as recognition as a disabled worker, adaptations to the workplace, financial assistance, holidays for disabled adults and children, etc. To find out when the next meeting will take place, go to Com.unity.
Starting B
Since the summer in 2021, the Bouygues Group has been sponsoring six high-level para-athletes  in a perfect demonstration of the ambition and drive which the Group and its business lines want to put behind their disability policy. Bouygues Construction, a company which believes in sport as a vehicle for demonstrating commitment, excellence and team spirit (values with which the company fully identifies), supports Nantenin Keïta, an iconic figure in the French para-athletics team and gold medallist at the Rio Games (400m). She is a visually impaired athlete and an ambassador for the rights of people with albinism. Through this partnership, Nantenin Keita is inviting us to take a different perspective on disability so that everyone can find their place within the company.
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Contact : Marion BAUDET
Diversity Manager at Bouygues Construction
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