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Like the broader Welink network, Welink APAC is an independent group whose primary purpose is to be a forum for sharing, exchanging ideas and solidarity between the Bouygues Group to promote gender equality.

At the launch event participants will hear from guest speaker Joanna Chin, a renowned diversity and inclusion expert who will present on unconscious bias; the Managing Directors from the region who will present on a range of gender equality and diversity issues in the workplace; and the board will outline the Welink APAC roadmap, objectives, and the various ways to be involved.

Welink APAC will work to raise the profile of women within the APAC organisation and assist them in finding role models to support their careers. The board’s ambition is for the group to be a meaningful addition to the working lives of women at Bouygues, and provide a space where they can seek guidance and support on any matters relating to gender, cultural diversity, skill advice and career development.

Gender equality and providing appropriate corporate support mechanisms to women is also extremely important for our company’s reputation. We need to disrupt gender stereotypes in the most male-dominated industry. We want to be an employer of choice for women in our industry and must offer an attractive workplace with firm gender balance principles in place. This is our mission.

If you’re in the APAC region and would like to join us for this important event you can register to attend here 

Infrastructure is the most male-dominated industry in Australia. Over the past few years there has been an attitudinal shift to make women aware that construction is an attractive and viable career option. There is however a lot more to building a diverse workplace than simply hiring more women. It is about creating an environment where women feel comfortable, respected, have a network of support and the ability to develop their careers.

Responding to this industry-wide need, Bouygues Construction created Welink in 2012 - the first women’s network to be established in the construction sector. Welink promotes female professional development and fosters the next generation of women in construction. By working for the promotion of gender equality at every level in the business and operating in a proactive way, Welink has helped women to build their profile within the Group so that they can clearly articulate their ambitions and be supported in their career development.

Gender diversity is a strategic priority for Bouygues and the Welink network complements Bouygues Construction’s gender equality policy, which is an ambitious action plan at all levels of the Group. Over the last decade Bouygues Construction has encouraged the hiring of equally qualified women for jobs in strongly male-dominated professions and for senior management positions; has developed a set of gender equality indicators to monitor the development of women within the Group. With this platform, the Welink program offers a meaningful addition to the working lives of women at Bouygues, providing a space where they can seek guidance and support on any matters relating to gender, cultural diversity, skill advice and career development.

For Bouygues Construction, creating a more diverse workforce is business critical. Greater diversity makes our workplaces stronger – and a greater representation of women in construction benefits our industry as a whole. Our aim is to create a working environment that enables women to achieve their full potential and foster long lasting careers. As an industry leader it is our mission to champion positive change, and to put practices in place that will see women succeeding and thriving in the infrastructure industry.


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