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What made you choose the construction industry? 

The construction sector came by chance and opportunity. It is not a sector I had particularly targeted at first. I was lucky to find an environment where I felt well with a lot of devoted people, impressive projects and a great team spirit.

According to you, what are the main challenges that women must overcome in the construction industry?

I have always considered that being a woman in the construction sector was a chance. I feel a lot of kindness, devotion and security. I would not say that this sector presents particular challenges to women. The construction sector is very demanding, sometimes risky and we need the kind of mindset where a team is focused on a common objective. Giving such a dedication to a work or a project cannot always be possible with a family life. This might be a challenge however nowadays I think this is becoming more about a mindset than a gender question.

What should be done to help women to be more represented in the construction industry?

I can only encourage a higher level of diversity in our workplaces and at every level of the hierarchy. At the same time, we have to be careful to do not fall into a quota game and make examples for the sake of it. 
The construction sector is being more and more digitalized, more “green” also. Our roles are changing to adapt to this environment, and it will certainly create new opportunities which women could take.

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Contact : Elodie MERELLE
Financial controller at VSL
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