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This highly innovative new mobility program offers 20 staff members of Bouygues Travaux Publics and VSL International the opportunity of dual international mobility over a two-year period. In concrete terms, the "Bridges" (the nickname given to staff taking part in the program) will fly off somewhere in the world at the beginning of 2023 to their new assignment, which is still being kept secret for the moment. A year later, in January 2024, they will set off on another new adventure, to discover a new country, a new culture and, of course, a new activity.

Chosen after a very thorough selection process (video, interviews, etc.), this group of 20 members of staff, with between 2- and 7-years’ experience in the TP Division behind them, is made up of 45% women, 13 different nationalities and represents all professional areas: production, technical management, support functions, etc.

Attendees : Joseph ARUNDELL, Jacqueline CARRIGAN, Adèle CUBILLE, Guilhem DE LANGLAIS, Omar ELBARADIE, Mohammed LABEEB, Pak Hoi Ocean LAW, Dylan LE MOUNIER, Aude MOMBOT BOULLARD, Brandon NGUYEN, Hung PHAM THANH, Maxime ROUDE, Lucie SAINT-OLIVE, Katrina SALAVE, Nidale TARHATE, Elias TSIRIPILLOS, Ka Kiu Candy WONG, Sze Hang Raymond YAM, Lyna ZAOUYA et Martyna ZWIAZEK.

Last week, the Bridges participants met up in Paris for the last event before the big send-off and took part in a cohesion seminar. On the programme: intercultural management training with our partner Knowledge Workx, a guided tour of Challenger and its technical and energy installations, and of course some time for socialising and sharing. The team spirit and cohesion created over these three days will certainly be an important asset throughout the duration of the program. They will also be able to count on a personalised support system, consisting of a training program and the support of a mentor.

Through this highly original program, the TP division is underscoring its pioneering spirit and its ambition to develop its youngest talents in order to support the diversity, gender balance, openness and internationalisation of the company which are key aspects of the GreenLight transformation project.

Programme sponsors
Jean-Yves MONDON, CEO VSL International Ltd. 
Wes JONES, CEO Dragages Hong Kong Limited

Bridges Team 
David Myerscough
Adèle Beltrémieux
Isabelle Dubois Wetterwald


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