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What made you choose the construction industry?

My passion and curiosity to understand how a structure can be constructed and finalised depending on the mathematical and physical theories.
Certainly, it is inspiring to acknowledge that I have made a substantial and recurring contribution to society.

What are the particular challenges that women have to overcome in the industry?

The Construction industry is commonly known as a male industry and being a woman engineer, it is always a challenge to prove your capabilities, productivity and efficiency in work are not based on a gender classification. Thankfully, daily women’s achievements keep proving and supporting that concept.
On the other hand, it is a real challenge to find the balance between being a mum and a Structural Engineer at the same time - however with colleagues and family support balance is achievable.
Facing Ego clashes from others at a certain point of my career was an obstacle, however with understanding environment like VSL Middle East my career has significantly improved and developed.

How do you think this sector will evolve in terms of the employment of women?

Obviously, it has been observed that during the last couple of years the percentage of hiring women engineers has massively developed. 
From my personal perspective to keep focusing on the successful women role models will absolutely encourage and attract high qualified women candidates to the construction field. Holding workshops and different initiatives to attract women will play a vital role for increasing the percentage of women in construction.

What roles will they be required to take on given how the industry will evolve over the next few years?

Basically, it has been well observed in the construction industry that women can be very successful in a wide range of disciplines - Construction, Design, Technical and even Safety. By giving these opportunities to women and by supporting them on their career paths, I am sure that many of them will make it to senior managerial roles soon.

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Contact : Noor ABDELKADER
VSL Engineer
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