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What made you choose the construction Industry?

I grew up in a household where my elders took up engineering as a vocation since the 1950s and I was witness to the pride they took in their work. This inspired me to take up Civil Engineering & Construction as a career.

What are the challenges that women have to overcome in this industry?

Be it industry or our society in general, we have prevalent gender stereotypes that continue to get redefined. The assumption that one's gender is a hindrance to deliver 
at a job is the primary challenge we women face, be it on the site or in the office. 
Once this is addressed, a level playing field and a welcoming atmosphere is built for women to perform and participate to showcase their talent. 
The other challenges are around site hygiene, performance led growth, gender pay parity, challenging assignments, family support system especially in conservative societies. 

How do you think this sector will evolve in terms of employment of women?

Things are changing progressively now more than ever for women empowerment, evolution and acceptance in the Construction Industry. 
With growing demands of resources, the percentage of women employees is increasing in all roles and positions. Bouygues is at the forefront and leading this change where women employees are considered on a par and gender diversity is being taken up as a very important issue. We also need more women in leadership roles, this will bring inspiration to the larger pool of applicants outside the organization.

What roles will they be required to take given how the industry will evolve in the next few years?

Women are surely going to be drivers of change and leading it in the coming years. As more companies pay attention to gender diversity and women empowerment, more women will be taking up leadership positions at senior management levels. At the same time, in the coming years, I would be delighted to see at least 30% women employees in the workplace. 

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