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More than 750 photos have been posted to date on the competition platform, photos that are both spectacular and surprising, giving us the opportunity to put ourselves in our colleagues’ shoes.
Beyond the competition, Bouygues wishes to promote the diversity of its teams and businesses and to give employees the opportunity to showcase their hidden talents!
To find out more about this creative adventure, we were lucky enough to talk to one of the competition’s ambassadors, who shared her experience and the competition’s challenge

What does being a Bouygues Picture ambassador involve and what is your role in the competition?
Claudia Merand:  Being a Bouygues Picture ambassador involves communicating information about the competition, talking about it to those around us, and being the first to post our contribution in order to motivate and inspire others to join in.

What does being an ambassador for this competition mean to you and what is your relationship with photography?
CM: I was very happy to be asked to be an ambassador for this competition. Photography is one of my passions. I love taking photos myself and especially seeing the beautiful images created by the participants. Being a competition ambassador allows me to participate in a competition in an area I love, and to discover more facets of the Bouygues Group.

Can you remind us of what the competition involves and of its goal?
CM: The competition consists of posting photographs that tell the story of our daily lives on the website: The Bouygues Picture. It could be a photo of your job, your team or one of the Group’s projects. Just choose one of the three categories to post your photo in, upload it along with a photo of yourself, and you’re done!

How can this initiative / this competition unite our teams and help us find out more about different jobs in the group?
CM: This initiative allows us to find out more about the different Group jobs via the image. We all have a shared objective: to take pleasure in sharing a photo of our daily lives!

Which photo is your current favourite?
CM: Currently, I like the photo called “Ambiance matinale” (Morning atmosphere) by Corinne Ravel.

Don’t hesitate to showcase your hidden photographic talents, as well as encouraging your colleagues by liking your favourite photos until 22 March!

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