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What is your background and role at Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France?  
My career at Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France began almost a year ago with a work placement in logistics at Habitat Résidentiel, as part of my degree in Logistics Engineering Sciences and Techniques. I went to Habitat Résidentiel construction sites to carry out time analyses to measure the time needed to carry out a logistical task such as unloading lorries or supplying materials to the floors. 
Today, I am an apprentice for a period of 2 years (Master 1 and 2 Logistics) within Habitat Residential, in the Engineering Department. I am the logistics referent on the Romainville site, which means that I am in charge of all the logistical pre-analysis of the site, but also of assisting the construction teams in its implementation, right up to the coordination of the continuous improvement of logistics.  
What are the particularities of your current project?    
The Romainville site consists of the construction of more than 400 homes. This project is mainly based on the construction of new housing but also on the rehabilitation and elevation of existing housing. It consists of 5 buildings.  
 The particularity of this site from a logistical point of view is the collaboration with a remote logistical platform for a stairwell in one of the buildings. This platform will be responsible for storage on its platform, preparation of orders to meet the needs of the site, delivery of materials to Romainville, and finally, delivery of these materials to the site (on the floors). 
This just-in-time logistics will be a real opportunity to carry out comparative chrono-analyses and thus highlight the benefits of advanced logistics.

Can you describe a typical day in your current job?  
Today, I don't have a typical day.  
For the past few months, I have been working on the logistical pre-analysis of the Romainville construction site, and the topics covered are quite different. They consist in identifying the needs of the site, its constraints and opportunities. More concretely, this study includes the circulation on the building site, the estimation of the quantities of materials, the possible storage areas, the adapted handling means etc... 
At present, in parallel with this study, I am drawing up the specifications for calling on an external logistics provider. I have to define the expected missions, the materials that will be entrusted to him, the precise quantities of these materials, their packaging, the weight, the number of deliveries etc. I also have to define the responsibilities of both parties (the Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France site and the logistics provider).  
In a few months' time, once this project phase is over, I'll be on the site more to manage the logistics, whether it's with the subcontractors, the works supervisors, the monitoring of actions, etc.  
What do you like most about your current job?  
I like this job because it allows me to follow a site but above all to see the impact of my work on the help provided in the success of the sites. This site logistics allows us to improve the performance of the sites (safety, productivity, environment) through better organisation.  
I also like this job because logistics is a transversal function within the company. I have to work with many departments such as purchasing, methods, works and planning. So I am in contact with different people, which is very rewarding.  
For a long time considered a secondary function, Habitat Residential has been willing to highlight the role of logistics for some years now. What I like is to be at the heart of this new strategy and to show innovation and a pioneering spirit.  
What qualities do you need to have to be in logistics?      
I find that this job requires a lot of technical and relational skills. I have to be very adaptable and organised in my various tasks. In addition, in order to respond to the demands of the site as well as possible, you have to be able to listen and come up with solutions.

What has the Bouygues Group done for you?   
I discovered the world of business and construction through my work placement and work-study programme, as my studies in logistics were more industry-oriented.  
Since my arrival, I've been working with my manager in confidence, who is very available. I therefore feel well supported in my assignments.  
I meet committed employees who want to pass on their know-how. The exchanges are always friendly and simple, in a team spirit. 
Do you have any advice for future work-study students?    
Don't hesitate, on the contrary, go for it!  
The work-study programme imposes a fast pace but it is a real opportunity to become more operational in your future job, it is very enriching and instructive.

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