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Mission accomplished for our volunteer employees, companions, site managers, site supervisors, engineering teams and managers who have made their know-how available to the Apprentis d'Auteuil in the PACA region. Spotlight on this first solidarity construction experience for BBSE.

It is a rehabilitation project like no other that has just been completed for 52 employees: that of the Parent'aise project, carried out for the Fondation les Apprentis d'Auteuil in Marseille. This consisted of renovating a dwelling to transform it into a reception office. This change in use allows Foundation staff to launch their experimental program to prevent and support parental exhaustion in families in precarious situations.

Supported by the Citizen Action Committee of BBSE, this project was carried out in the form of a skills sponsorship and mobilized, in turn for 3 weeks, volunteer employees.

"This first experience is a concrete illustration of the objectives of the company's CSR commitment: cultivating synergies with local players on issues that we share, highlighting the know-how and know-how of our teams and facilitating the implementation in the field of actions with a local societal impact". says Alice Lecointre, President of the CAC BBSE.

On the program for our employees:
- removal of the old soft floor and the existing kitchen
- repair of all paintings
- installation of baseboards and tiling in all rooms
- supply (thanks to our carpenter partner) and installation of a new kitchen
 and some additional hazard management like any self-respecting construction site!

" The result is magnificent ! We have a place that makes you want to work and welcome parents and children". said Sylvie Davieau, Head of the Halte des familles and the Parent’aise project. "I could see the overflowing enthusiasm around this project [...], thank you for having carried out the work within this time frame to allow the family counselors to welcome the parents in better conditions" added Antoine Duhaut, Regional Director deputy of the Apprentis d'Auteuil.

A big congratulations and thank you to all the employees who invested in making this first sponsorship experience a reality, Baptiste Cazenave (master's degree), Stefane Thome (engineering), Franck Canavaggia (companion), Hélène Marliangeas (communication), Pierre-Alexis Tissot ( work) and to the entire team of our Citizen Action Committee!

Relive this adventure in pictures below!

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