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With Greenlight, the Group is currently undergoing a major cultural transformation which, thanks to the involvement of each and every one of us, will be a success.

Several tools have already been put in place to guide us in our practices and behaviours to adopt on a daily basis in order to embrace this new strategy, which, for it to work, must be carried and embodied by the teams, whether through our professional relationships, exchanges between colleagues, or in our way of working. 
These tools include assessment, individual interviews, training programmes and four core values which must guide us in achieving our objectives.

To enable each employee to integrate these values into their daily work, "Experience your values" comes into play!

Transforming ourselves means above all questioning the way we work, the way we interact with each other, with our clients and our partners. Our 4 values, Trust, Simplicity, Teamwork and Pioneering Spirit will be our reference points in our cultural and managerial transformation. Greenlight's success will depend on our ability to evolve, and to simply make our employees, our customers and our partners want to work with us.

Pascal Minault CEO of Bouygues Construction

More than just a tool 

Experience your values is a real team experience. The aim? To get to grips with the Group's commitments and values.  During the workshop, you will be asked to discuss various topics with your colleagues and to reflect together in a simple, effective and efficient way on your execution processes, your way of working and your short and medium-term vision. The idea is to take a step back in order to improve and adjust the way you work as a team, to better collaborate together.

The first Experience your values workshops were launched a few months ago, and were a great success! Back in pictures! ⬇ 

Now it's up to you!  
Are you a manager? It's up to you to organise the workshop for your team, go here and find all the steps of the Experience Your Values programme.  

Are you an employee? Remind your manager that you have to do the workshop as a team!
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