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Yesterday saw the twelfth Carbon Footprint workshop held by Bouygues Travaux Publics' Technical Division (DT). Organised by Sahar Nedelec and co-run by Vasco Diegues, these workshops are designed to raise awareness among DT employees of the challenges linked to carbon footprinting, on both a personal and collective scale, and applied to the construction sector.

These three-hour sessions combine the main principles of the Climate Fresk and the 2tonnes Workshop, focusing on Bouygues TP's carbon assessment applied to the company's projects. Supported by Laure Parneix and Thibaut Lockhart, the aim of these workshops is to help the DT community understand and commit to the climate transition to reduce the carbon footprint of our projects, by incorporating practical actions right from the design phase.

Since 30 September 2022, 170 employees have already taken part in these workshops, representing more than 80% of the Technical Department, with the aim of gradually reaching all employees.

Workshops to raise awareness of climate change
Deployed in France and around the world, the Climate Fresk has become one of the most effective awareness-raising tools for providing practical and simple information on climate issues. Since its creation in 2018, it has become the key tool enabling individuals and organisations to take up the challenge of the climate emergency.

The 2tonnes Workshop complements the Climate Fresk. It enables participants to project themselves into the low-carbon transition, by proposing to reach 2 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of gas emissions per year and per person by 2050. The aim is to limit the rise in temperature to below 1.5°C to meet the commitments made in the Paris Agreement.
Our contacts at Bouygues Travaux Publics
Sahar NEDELEC, Head of the Logistics and environmental footprint division in the Technical department 
Vasco DIEGUES, Environmental technical studies Manager in the Logistics and environmental footprint division in the Technical department
Laure PARNEIX, Technical director
Thibaut LOCKHART, Head of department “Transverses expertise”
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