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An eagerly awaited event

Integration of new members and sharing experiences: there was a particularly full programme for this event, which took place in the grounds of the Château de Rambouillet in the département of Les Yvelines. Beyond the technical aspects, with the presentation of new tools and software used in topographical surveying, human relations and team cohesion were at the heart of the discussions.

Bertrand RAVEZ and Vincent ROUGIER, coordinators of the Bouygues Travaux Publics Topography Network, devised and organised a series of informative gatherings with specialist partners, as well as with key allies in the profession: the Service OPN (Digital Tools and Processes Department), represented by Martial FERINO and Nicolas RAGEUL. These exchanges enabled staff to find out about the latest technical advances and to (re)acquaint themselves with strategic partners.

Despite the constraints associated with ongoing projects, 71% of the invited guests attended, a strong indication of the commitment of members of the professional network and their management.


A key profession seeking new recruits

The convention was also an opportunity for participants to discuss the importance of the network and recruitment difficulties, in the presence of Sophie Rican, head of Human Resources for the network.

Comprising 33 members of staff in France and abroad, the Topography network plays a key role in the completion of Bouygues Travaux Publics projects. These experts are involved at various stages of the project, from the initial surveys to checking that the work has been completed to the required standard. Despite its importance, the network is struggling to attract new talent, and recruitment represents a major challenge. Projects such as Fécamp and T3A require around ten surveyors and topographers, and on some sites there may be a need for up to 50 surveyors at any one time!

Training and communication initiatives have been set up to develop the skills of our teams over the long term, boost their performance and attract new profiles.

Projects are becoming increasingly technical and complex, both in terms of production and for all the support services. Our profession has changed a lot, our equipment has evolved enormously over the last 30 years. These are highly specialised jobs, with complicated working hours and long journeys... and in France there is a shortage of those entering the profession. There's a lot of training available, but not many candidates. A month ago, we launched a dedicated training programme through the Training Academy. We provide in-house training for Travaux staff who want to learn more about our expertise. The first course took place a month ago. In this way, we hope to continue to develop the network.

Bertrand RAVEZ Head of Topography and coordinator of BYTP's Topography network

Challenger: helping to meet a major communication challenge

In order to promote their expertise both internally and externally, the members of the topography network, in collaboration with their partner LEICA, plan to take advantage of the summer period to scan the whole of Challenger (park, access roads, car parks, offices, etc.). The use of drones, hand-held scanners and other cutting-edge equipment will create a repository of their activity to highlight their expertise.

Don't be surprised if you spot some experts with unusual machines busy in the park or on your work space this summer! Take the opportunity to talk to them and find out exactly what they do!

The surveyor’s / topographer’s profession
Their main task? To place structures within their environment, but it's not just that!
They work closely with the Works team and carry out the preparatory work for development and construction projects. They carry out site surveys to enable the siting of a variety of structures (transport infrastructure, civil engineering structures, sewer networks, earthworks), both in France and abroad.
They are responsible for geodesic operations (surveying, land surveying, planimetry and altimetry), positioning work sites and surveying characteristic reference points in the field. They draw up layout plans, then determine the layout of the structures on site. Finally, they check that the work has been carried out to the required standard and make the final measurements.

The recent convention of the Bouygues Travaux Publics Topography network was a great success, providing an opportunity to strengthen human and professional contacts within the network and to share knowledge that is essential if they are to build up their expertise. Despite recruitment challenges, the network is committed to training and communication initiatives to attract new talent. With its people-focused approach and desire to share experience, the Bouygues Travaux Publics Topography network intends to continue to develop in order to meet the company's future challenges.

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