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In June 2022, the "La Fibre Arrive Chez Vous" project, begun in 2016, was awarded the Top Site Innovation designation*. 

Axione's subsidiary Sartel THD is in charge of project management and network maintenance over a 30-year period. The work was carried out jointly by the teams of Axione in Mulsanne and Bouygues Energies & Services in Champagné.

A number of criteria were assessed on-site to achieve this certification, along with local innovations. 
They consist of the following:

• Health and safety: through respect for key indicators, monitoring of prevention benchmarks and compliance with the 12 Bouygues Construction health and safety fundamentals.

• The environment: by applying an environmental management system to the site and controlling the environmental impact of energy, carbon emissions, water consumption, the circular economy and waste management.

• Quality and customer satisfaction: by setting up a dedicated organisation, a technical risk analysis and a quality control system shared regularly with our client Sarthe Numérique.

• Social and community issues: through the introduction of monitoring and traceability systems to ensure that the work situation is suitable, optimised and compliant with regulations. Local partnerships have also been developed with inclusion organisations and training centres.

They testify about the project

Being awarded the Top Site Innovation designation in partnership with Bouygues Energies & Services shows our daily commitment and performance in guaranteeing not only the safety of our employees, but also the controlled management of the environment and the quality of our projects.

Jérôme Chauvière Manager of Axione's Mulsanne office

The Sartel THD, Axione and Bouygues Energies & Services teams are proud to have carried out this major deployment under optimal conditions.

Rémi Carrière Director of the Sartel THD concession

Axione and Bouygues Energies & Services worked together from design to delivery of the project. It has proved to be a success, working in synergy and showing our ability to share our different areas of expertise to complete our assignments and thereby helping us to obtain this label awarded by Bouygues Construction.

Séverine Dubois-Berlot Head of the Champagné Bouygues Energies & Services centre

Congratulations to all project stakeholders for their involvement and hard work. 
This certification shows that Corporate Social Responsibility is more than ever a central issue for Axione and Bouygues Energies & Services.

*The Top Site label was launched in 2020 by Bouygues Construction to reward exemplary CSR projects. The label's Innovation rating is obtained by meeting and exceeding the label's criteria to achieve excellence.

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