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The BIO4EEB project is a successful result of the new organisation of R&D Bouygues Construction in responding to invitations for tender for European projects. This invitation to tender has been deliberately targeted as part of BYCN's low-carbon strategy and is at the heart of its key areas of focus as regards its research into construction methods. The work which will be carried out on this project with top-level partners will enable us to offer our clients increasingly green buildings.

Bruno Linéatte R&D Director in charge of the European Project

Bouygues Construction has become increasingly involved in the beneficial and responsible development of construction methods by joining a consortium which aims to develop innovative bio-based materials.

Within the framework of this programme, 5 model example projects are planned across Europe, including one in France piloted by Bouygues Construction with a testing ground provided by LinkCity: the Chocolate Factory in Noisiel

The primary aim of this large-scale project is to develop several biosourced solutions using posidonia washed up on the shoreline and in so doing reduce the environmental footprint of the construction work used in our buildings.

Bouygues Construction is also leading the consortium's work on the multi-criteria assessment of building circularity.


The Noisiel chocolate factory: a testing ground for the project

Learn more about posidonia
Posidonia is a marine plant which is found mainly around the Mediterranean coastline. It has the advantage of being considered a carbon ‘sink’ as posidonia captures and stores carbon from the atmosphere. Incorporating washed-up posidonia into our buildings will allow this storage to continue. In this way, increasingly responsible buildings can be created which emit less CO2 during their construction.
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Contact : Bruno LINEATTE
Bouygues Construction R&D Director in charge of building construction methods - Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest
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