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Announced in January 2021, Bouygues Construction's climate strategy is based on a commitment to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30% by 2030. These ambitious objectives are accompanied by precise means of action: reduction of our travel, reduction of our energy consumption on our sites and construction sites, reduction of the impact of our purchases, including the purchase of cement, development of wooden construction, reduction of our IT-related carbon footprint, etc.

Training: for whom and what?
To achieve this, it is necessary for all employees to become actors in this strategy. To introduce this “carbon reflex”, the group has set itself an ambitious objective: to train 100% of its employees. What is climate change and what are its consequences? What are greenhouse gases? What does ‘carbon accounting’ mean? What are the products and means of action in favour of the climate? So many questions which will be answered in this training course open to everyone and available in French, English and German.

To support the development of practices, the system also offers dedicated job descriptions, which detail the effective means of action in each job. A communication will be forthcoming on this subject.

We have chosen a complete and complementary system: on the one hand, online training to inform and understand the issues we are facing, while at the same time giving some keys and means to act. On the other hand, the job sheets provide advice, best practice and an effective scope of action applied to each sector and job. Our ambitions and objectives are clear; we need everyone's involvement to make this strategy a reality in everyday life.

Claire Boilley-Forestier Bouygues Construction CSR Deputy Director
Where you want, whenever you want !
Take advantage of this summer period to learn about this strategic issue for the group and contribute to the implementation of our climate ambitions by clicking here.

Want to know more? Access the entire climate strategy and related content by clicking here.
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Bouygues Construction CSR Deputy Director
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