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Whether it is emissions related to the design of building materials or emissions related to on-site consumption, the construction sector must make efforts to adapt to new requirements and expectations in terms of ecology and respect for the environment.

A step closer to energy conservation?

At the beginning of 2021, Bouygues Construction announced its climate strategy. This contained clear goals for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions across its various business areas and scopes, and throughout the life cycle of its structures, from design to operation.
Several drivers for action have been or will be put in place in order to achieve the ambitious objectives contained within the Group's climate strategy. The objectives set are achievable through the involvement of each employee in developing a ‘carbon mindset’ and thereby becoming a player in Bouygues Construction's climate strategy.

This is achieved primarily through education, becoming informed and training in order to better understand the environmental impacts of our actions and then behaving in a more responsible manner as a consequence. This is why Bouygues Construction launched its ‘Act for the climate’ course just over a year ago. This interactive and engaging course provides employees with a better understanding of the construction sector’s carbon impact and the measures we can take to combat it. It raises awareness using figures and practical examples, while questioning each and every one of us about our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Bouygues Construction now has 11,350 employees who have received the ‘Act for the climate' training. It is now mandatory and included as a CSR performance indicator in the new 2022 profit-sharing agreement. So, it’s over to you!

Click here for the training.

Going even further...

In addition to its ‘Act for the climate’ training, the Group is now offering other complimentary training courses in the form of workshops, such as:
  • The Climate Fresk: this workshop provides a better understanding of the general issues at stake in the fight against global warming. In particular, it uses the conclusions of the IPCC scientists in a more general approach.
2,564 of the Group’s employees have already taken part in the Climate Fresk.
  • The ‘Bouygues Construction Climate Strategy’: this course is still being developed. The purpose of this workshop will be to explain the Group's environmental transformation plan. See you there...?

Actions already undertaken in our business areas

Wonder Building
Bertelotte University Residence
Neptune Tower
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