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In 2020, VSL launched its ‘Be More’ culture for a continuous improvement of performance. The aim is to create value, and to keep on improving quality and client satisfaction. Based on a collective mindset and action, it involves all company functions, processes and people.

30 Be More projects around the world

With now 25 active projects and 4 delivered projects, VSL is starting to see positive changes that Be More has brought to our working methods – both on site and in the office. The result of Be More has meant the saving of time, money and has significantly increased productivity and client satisfaction.

350 people gathered at the 3-day Festival

To commemorate our teams and their implementation of Be More, we hosted the 3-day Be More Festival through an immersive virtual fair on Bouygues Bâtiment International’s Metaverse platform that the entity kindly accepted to open to VSL for this occasion – it is also part of Be more spirit to collaborate and capitalise on the best innovations that already exist within VSL and the Group!

- 19 projects and 2 digital tools were showcased at the Market Place, where we were immersed into the scopes and results of Be More on site. Colleagues were able to interact with each other and ask questions to site managers about the results and implementation of Be More.

- 24 movies and interviews were broadcasted at the Cinema.

- A closing ceremony to fully commemorate and reward our teams.

- A coffee bar to allow for informal conversations with our colleagues from all around the world!

And the winners were…

Awards were given for different categories! Click on the names of the projects to watch the short videos presenting their Be More initiative and results!

- The highest productivity increase Award was given to Lin Dham building, Vietnam, and Gecama wind farm, Spain
- The best production team involvement Award was given to D2D3 Building, Vietnam and Mteza Bridge, Mombasa
- The smart team organisation / obeya / prep Award was awarded to Technical Centre, Singapore, and VSL Systems Manufacturer, Spain
- The Development of smart methods / tools Award went to Cross Bay Link, Hong Kong and A40 Duisbourg, Germany
- The Client recognition Award was given to MTHL Bridge, India and HS2 Ground engineering, UK

Thank you again to everyone for your hard work, and with the positive feedback from not only our clients but also all of you, we are excited to continue awarding everyone for their work!

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Contact : Maria Garcia Puchades
Be More Coordinator at VSL
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