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With this new tool, everyone has fully digitalised information at their fingertips!

Available offline and in three languages, anywhere in the world
#SAFETY act is easily accessible through public stores and available to all company employees anywhere in the world, even without an internet connection, and in three languages: French, English and Spanish. After just one connection to the Internet, the app will have synchronised all the content so that it can then be consulted offline. 

Scan on the QR codes above to download the application on Apple Store (IOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Regularly updated content 
The app has four sections: Management / Safety events - Technical site standards - Technical workshop standards and technical database - Hygiene and Health. Each of these sections details all the standards and rules in force. Information sheets, graphs and photos illustrate each theme and, for easier viewing, the app's content is also available via an intranet site accessible here.

An app that fits squarely with the Safety Leadership approach 
The aim of this app is to make sure all managers have access to the same information: the same perception of risks and the same understanding of safety standards can therefore be shared throughout the world. #SAFETY act forms the foundations of a prevention culture based on safety rules that are understood, shared and respected. The app is also a way to increase managers’ skills, encouraging them to adopt the Safety Leader attitude and pass it on to others in turn, so that together, we can achieve the Zero High Potential Accidents target.  

To support the launch of this app and to publicise it as widely as possible, posters are available here for display in offices and on site.

To support the launch of this application and make it widely known, posters are available for display in offices and on site (download link above).

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