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Need help with Com.Unity News?
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Choosing reading filters gives you the option of reading articles about your job, your region, or the markets that interest you. If you enter these fields correctly, you’ll have a personalised reading list across all internal channels: the Com.Unity News homepage and sub-section pages (via the ON/OFF button), and the News page of your Com.Unity intranet, in your areas of interest.
How do I configure my reading filters?              
Go to the MY ACCOUNT page. This page lets you choose your preferred language (French, English, or Swiss German), and your reading filters.
Choose the ones that interest you, then confirm.         

How many reading filters can I tick?    
As many as you like; to make things easier, they’re categorised by job, region, and market.

How can I filter my reading list with a single click so that only articles that interest me are displayed?
It's easy! Once you’ve selected your reading filters, go to the homepage to activate or deactivate them at any time by clicking the ON/OFF button.    
OFF mode: the “classic” version of Com.Unity News is displayed. All published articles appear on your homepage. You have access to all content.         
ON mode: your filters are activated and you have a personalised reading list; this is your personal “filtered” version, and it will display instantly. Only articles that match your preferences will appear on the homepage.  

Don't panic!
- The first time you use the ON/OFF button, if you have never entered your reading preferences, Com.Unity News will prompt you to configure your filters. - The ON/OFF button only works on the homepage and the SUB-SECTION pages. - You can edit your preferences at any time by returning to the MY ACCOUNT page.

I liked this article. How can I share it?
You loved the article; great! You have the option of commenting, liking, or sharing it on Com.Unity Network so that your colleagues can enjoy it too.

Note: One a comment is posted, it is not anonymous and will be published instantly. It is not possible to delete or correct it later. See the conditions of use for comments.
I liked an article, but its topic is not included my reading filters.
At the bottom of each article, the “This article is about” area shows the reading filters associated with the article. You can add them directly to your filter selection without going to the MY ACCOUNT page.

I’m looking for one topic in particular. How can I find it?          
The search engine can be accessed at any time as you navigate the site.
Enter a keyword and browse the search results.
I’m looking for all the articles under one sub-section. How do I access them?
Go to the menu at the top left of your screen to browse the sub-sections. Sub-sections also appear above the title of an article and are clickable.

I’m fascinated by a topic. How can I find articles that are all about the same topic?    
You have several options:
- At the end of the article, the “ALSO READ” option sends you to other articles related to that topic.
- Underneath the article, the “ON THE SAME TOPIC” option sends you to articles whose reading filters are similar to those of the article you’ve just viewed. Keep reading on the same theme!
Clicking on the orange arrows on either side of the article will bring you to a different article in the same sub-section.
I want to suggest an article topic, or I have a suggestion for an improvement. How do I submit it?     
Use the suggestion box on the homepage! 

You can access Com.Unity News via the Com.Unity intranet. On the News page on the intranet, you’ll find the main articles as well as articles related to your areas of interest. Remember to configure them to get a personalised News page!
Can I access Com.Unity News when I’m not at my desk at the office?
You can access your digital learning magazine from any personal or professional device, whether it's a desktop or portable. You’ll have to enter your work email address and the password you use to log in to Windows.
I am having trouble connecting, I suspect that the Com.Unity News homepage opening at the same time as my workstation is slowing my computer down. What should I do?
If this feature disrupts the opening of your session, you may report the incident directly using OASIS by linking your ticket to the Com.Unity News configuration component.
Why don't I have access to all content on the site?      
Com.Unity News is accessible from outside the Bouygues Construction network. It is possible to access articles deemed non-sensitive without identifying yourself as an employee.     
To access all the articles and features of Com.Unity News, you have to identify yourself with a work email address, if you have one, and the password you use to log in to Windows. If you’re on a Bouygues Construction network computer, you’ll be identified automatically, but that won’t be the case if you’re on a portable device or an outside network.
Site workers and employees who do not have a work email address can log in using the credentials indicated on their pay slips.
I’m a site worker or employee without a work email address. How do I change my password?
You can change it at any time on the MOY ACCOUNT page.

Don't panic!
If you’re a site worker or employee without a work email address and you’ve forgotten your password, enter the login or email address you usually use and we’ll send you a temporary password.
Download the attachment in pdf.
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