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Our payment processes have reached a new level of digitalisation with simpler tools and tighter security. Furthermore, with the introduction of the invoice payment platform in October 2021, suppliers and subcontractors can opt for a complete online solution for better cash management.

This innovative programme means suppliers and contractors can:

     > automatically receive payment by bank transfer as soon as invoices are payable;

     > or choose prepayment by bank transfer with a discount at lowest contract conditions (in line with Bouygues Construction’s credit risk level as opposed to the vendor’s);

     > view invoices that have been approved and are available for payment on a web platform;

     > benefit from all these services free of charge (excluding discount).

This system is already available to our French vendors and the equivalent is being developed in the UK.

Key figures

In 2021, Bouygues Construction had over 15,000 suppliers and subcontractors and made more than 400,000 payments in France by promissory note or cheque every year.

Part of our vendor payments will now be entrusted to SGF so our teams can focus on value-added tasks. This will reduce the quantity of cumbersome and repetitive administrative tasks, allowing employees to upskill and develop with new projects. The tool also increases transparency, simplicity and responsiveness that our vendors expect from Bouygues Construction.

Julien TOQUEBOEUF Chief Financial Officer Bouygues Construction

Bouygues Construction is putting in place a new digital tool to facilitate administrative and financial management for our vendors. Our suppliers and contractors wanted clearer information about payment and bank transfers which is precisely what the solution provides. This new programme is a leap forward for our industry. It is also a great example of “shared innovation”: a programme developed with a leading, reliable supplier to help other suppliers.

Eric BOURET Chief Procurement Officer Bouygues Construction

Many Bouygues Construction vendors have been calling for an updated and digitalised payment system for some time. With the SGF platform, this has now been achieved. This innovative platform provides high security for payee bank details, efficient bank transfers and digitalised access to low-cost financing via discounts. The solution is digital end-to-end and interfaced with SAP for maximum automation. We count on all our employees to promote this win-win project to our suppliers and contractors.

Nicolas MONOT Treasury Director Bouygues Construction
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Contact : Jean-Baptiste DESILLE
Head of Treasury and Financing France Bouygues Construction
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