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A week of commitment.
The annual EMW has been organised for 21 years, from 16th to 22nd September, with a two-fold objective:

1.    To promote awareness about the need to take action against pollution generated by motor vehicles of every kind, especially in the urban environment;
2.    To encourage the public to embrace a responsible and durable approach by opting for soft travel modes that are kinder to the environment.

The transport sector accounts for 1/4 of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions (just behind industry and agriculture). Road traffic alone represents 3/4 of these emissions. Among transport modes, private cars are the most used with over a billion cars in circulation across the planet. (Source: ademe)

Hence, the choice of less harmful mobility solutions offers real benefits for the environment, but also our finances and our health!

In concrete terms, what do we do?

In cities, 40% of car journeys are for distances of less than 3km. These short trips generate carbon emissions, noise pollution and traffic congestion.

A number of soft travel solutions can be envisaged for day-to-day travel, including walking, cycling, scooters or E-scooters, carsharing and public transport. 

In France, 98% of the population can ride a bike, but only 5% of trips are made by this mode. Meanwhile, in the cities of Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany, more than a third of daily trips are made by bike.

Yet the potential is huge; the use of a bike represents 2g of CO2 per km (100 times less than a car), for a minimal annual cost.

It’s also better for your health; cycling and walking protect against vascular and cerebral illnesses, and reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and coronary heart disease by 30%.

So, ready to make changes?

All the group’s entities getting involved.

Cycling or walking challenges, world car-free day, mobility pack reminder, awareness campaign, new experiences... Each Bouygues Construction entity will organise this EMW at local level to help you (re)discover measures already implemented and soft mobility schemes.

Contact your HR representative to find out more about alternatives to the car offered by the mobility schemes available for your entity and/or site. You can also find the various global mobility solutions for France by consulting the group’s Intranet platform.

Competition: your chance to win an E-bike, an E-scooter or a smartwatch!
Do you belong to a European entity of the group? You have until the end of European Mobility Week to answer this EMW quiz here and perhaps win an E-bike, an E-scooter or a smartwatch!

Challenger in support of soft mobility.
Prior to European Mobility Week, various soft mobility players will visit Challenger and meet employees during their lunch break at various stands set up in the Atrium:

Monday 12th September:
-    E-vehicle bookings with Ubeeqo;
-    Carsharing in France with Klaxit;
-    For eligible employees, Mobility Credit (granted as an alternative to company cars) and the fleet of E-vehicles;
-    And smoothie bikes just for fun!

Tuesday 13th September: City bikes, cargo bikes... E-bikes of different styles with Tandem Company.

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