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Linkcity: a new relationship with property

A big urban player across the entire value chain, from the research phase to property programme deployment, Linkcity develops projects that effectively meet the evolving needs of regions and towns in order to contribute to well-being and harmonious living.

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Linkcity: 30 years of history

Formed by a merger between Cirmad and Sodéarif, who had been operating in the field for over 25 years, Linkcity began life on 2 December 2015 at the professional property event SIMI. The objective? Gather together the Bouygues Construction property development subsidiaries to strengthen our visibility and be able to take advantage of a powerful brand that can attract large accounts more effectively. This new identity makes it easier for our customers to understand us. Linkcity was also created with to create fuel business for the Group. Unlike Bouygues Immobilier, for example, all Linkcity projects are built by a Bouygues Construction subsidiary, in Ile-de-France as in the regions.

Bernard Mounier
Deputy Director General, Bouygues Construction Bâtiment France Europe
The purpose of our new organisation is to strengthen the position of Linkcity, a primary source of value creation within Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe, in order to take a big step forward and establish ourselves long-term as a national leader in the field of property development.

At the end of 2018, Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe was created, reflecting a strong willingness to strengthen cooperation between the various entities by bringing organisations together. In this context, the decision was made to bring the Linkcity entities in France under one banner, under the general direction of Martial Desruelles. Linkcity is now illustrative of the synergies, resource-sharing and shared property development service and quality commitment of the Group, across the areas in which they operate.

Our strategy? Give meaning to property projects

Property development is the natural evolution our construction trade. At Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe, our objective is to optimise the current model to better serve our customers and anticipate developments in practices and services. Linkcity’s property development strategy is to build links. Their mission is to listen to the town’s players, from political representatives to residents, to find common interests that can be translated into link-building property projects. The result is the development of neighbourhoods, creating additional opportunities for the Group. Proximity to and knowledge of local specificities guarantees a close understanding of customer expectations. Fundamental to this are long-term partnerships with customers, the capacity to conduct any type of project – including multi-product projects – and comprehensive coordination with the construction activities.

Property projects conceived by Linkcity employees are conceptualised with a particular idea in mind of the art of urban living and a town that fizzes with excitement. Since each project is unique, they are developed with and for the locales in order to meet their specific requirements and expectations, with the aim of making them more attractive and encouraging their economic development. To achieve this, Linkcity prioritises discussion and collaboration with customers, but also with users. Thanks to this listening, the most suitable partners can then be involved in the project and proposals made together to conceputalise a project that meets the needs of everyone.

Martial Desruelles
Directeur Général de Linkcity
While the anticipation of future needs is already an integral part of our property solutions (building upgradeability, space modularity, reversibility of offices into housing), it is specifically for users that we create our urban solutions: discussion, sustainable development, the circular economy, innovation and labels are at the heart of our approach.
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