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The program includes the construction of an 80-unit residence for seniors developed by Linkcity Ile-de-France under a VEFA contract for 1001 Vies Habitat and 37 housing units for Bouygues Immobilier.

The project involves the construction of a 6,900 sq.m. SDP building complex. It will consist of two separate buildings built on a common basement. The basement will be divided into two volumes to accommodate the parking lots of the respective buildings.

The east building will house the senior social residence. It will be built on a 5-storey building of 4,700 sq.m. SDP and will be embellished with a 150 sq.m. multi-purpose common room, a petanque court and a shared vegetable garden.

The western building of 2,200 m² SDP will be composed of R+5 housing units with private gardens.

The social residence for seniors will offer housing for people with a loss of autonomy. It falls within the framework of the law of December 28, 2015 relating to the adaptation of society to ageing, thus allowing the allocation of housing to a particular population. Composed, in part, of family apartments financed by PLS (Prêt Locatif Social), it was the subject of a request for specific approval in order to prioritize their allocation to applicants over 60 years old. In keeping with the composition of the households housed, the type of housing is limited to small areas, mostly T1 and T2. A few T3/T4 are planned. 

In addition to this set-up, Linkcity Ile-de-France and the Bruno Storai Architect agency have endeavored to place senior citizens at the heart of their considerations from the start of the design phase. Ergonomics and safety inside the homes were also worked on. 

This project is ideally located in the growing Aulnes district. Its ambition is to integrate perfectly with the dynamics and renewal of this part of Aulnay-sous-Bois. The architect has designed a base, uncluttered, which supports an upper volume energized by varied outdoor spaces and generous glazed surfaces. The constituent elements (grids, materials, colors) are linked to the base and contribute to underline the design character of the project. The same architectural language is used on all the facades of the project, thus contributing to the contemporary movement of the neighborhood.

The building complex will be certified NF Habitat HQE and RT 2012 - 10% for the senior residence. As for the home ownership building, it will be NF Habitat and RT 2012 certified. 


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