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On July 31, 2022, the Mazaugues radio site was hit by a fire that damaged the radio equipment used by Bouygues Telecom.
After noting the technical damage caused, Bouygues Telecom asked Axione to restore service at the site.

By taking photos and conducting a technical visit, our four Axione employees were able to gain an early insight into the damage suffered and the repairs required.
The bottom line? Several cables affected by the flames had to be changed, and the radio beam had to be restored.

The intervention of two technicians specialised in radio-relay systems was therefore necessary.
The radio beam link could only be re-established after changing the entire feeder line and the transmission equipment: replacement of the ODU (Outdoor unit) and the IDU (Indoor unit), provided urgently by Bouygues Telecom.
The replacement of the existing burnt radio cables required the intervention of two other technicians.

As of Friday, August 5, 2022 at around 5 pm, the site was once again operational to broadcast 2G, 3G and 4G.

The rapid response and quality of the repairs carried out by our teams deserve to be highlighted in view of the emergency context. Many Mazauguais residents came to see our teams to express their satisfaction with how the black-out was handled.

Éric STRAGA Head of Lessor Works & Special Projects at Axione

Concerned about the quality of service provided to the territories, Bouygues Télécom called on Axione to restore service at the site. This project demonstrates the commitment of the Bouygues Telecom and Axione teams to help develop a high-performance network in the most remote areas.

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