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The 171-metre-high tower has 33 storeys, six of which are angled to give the building its characteristic shape. The interior layout has been designed for optimal quality of work life: collaborative, flexible, spacious and bright workspaces have been created, with outdoor terraces on some floors. 

The biggest challenges of the project? Ensuring the safety of the building by meeting all the security standards of an international bank. For example, secure access to the UOB headquarters is ensured using facial recognition technology deployed at all entrances. The ground floor facades are fitted with 9-metre-high and 60mm thick blast-resistant glass.

The tower also incorporates GPON technology (Gigabit Ethernet passive optical network), a fibre optic data transmission network that controls all MEP services (mechanical, electrical and plumbing).

The 171-metre-high tower has 33 storeys, six of which are angled to give the building its characteristic shape.

Another major feature of the project is its architectural complexity, particularly the inclination of the columns from the ground floor to the 7th floor and from the 24th to the 32nd floor, which was a real technical feat. Another particularity: the excavation of the basement reached 21m deep for the 6 floors of the basement while the tower was surrounded by many buildings and also housed an automatic parking.

The new UOB headquarters was delivered on schedule, with the bank’s personnel set to move in from May 2022. With this project, our Thai subsidiary has confirmed its leadership in the field of high-end skyscrapers, one of the flagship products of Bouygues Thai and, more broadly, of Bouygues Bâtiment International

If you would like to visit or revisit the construction site click here!

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