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In more than 30 years of existence, BYMARO had never before completed a project on this scale in such a short time: in barely a year, nine buildings were constructed, including all fixtures and fittings, representing a total surface area of 95,000 m². Today, 6,000 students and 400 teaching staff have started their academic year in the new spaces offered by the university extension, which was delivered on time: lecture rooms, specialised teaching laboratories, dedicated research spaces, all kitted out with the latest IT and audiovisual facilities enabling all-digital teaching.

From September 2021, the first challenge was to mobilise the workforce. At its peak, there were some 2,350 employees on site. On completion, the project represented 5 million hours worked with zero accidents. At the BYMARO level, a large proportion of the Works Supervision and Management staff was mobilised specifically to support the team in place, hiring new profiles as well as former employees who responded favourably to BYMARO's call to join the project and share their know-how with the young recruits. The biggest challenge was to ensure the adoption of a common guiding principle shared by all management staff, subcontracting partners and support functions, based on personal motivation and collective solidarity, leading to a sense of serenity that proved to be crucial.


One of the site's secret weapons? Lean Management through the use of Teamoty Logistics, a delivery scheduling management tool generally used in industry, particularly in the field of modular construction. The comings and goings of trucks from the storage areas to the construction site were efficiently managed and scheduled using this software, leading to significant time savings. The use of Teamoty Scheduling made it possible to implement geo-temporal scheduling, with this then serving as a basis for LPS meetings held in a dedicated War Room, ensuring optimal task sequencing. The use of this tool fits squarely with one of the strategic priorities of Green Light: digitalisation of the company.

BYMARO was able to deliver this project thanks to its knowledge of the local fabric and the mobilisation of its entire ecosystem: suppliers, subcontractors and partners. The Bouygues Bâtiment International subsidiary now aims to build the loyalty of this customer, fully satisfied with this large-scale project. 

The biggest technical challenge was the construction of 107 scientific research laboratories in record time.
In figures: 23 air handling units, 23 heat pumps, 1,000 VAVs, 208 fume cupboards, 2 kilometres of workbenches, 6 special gases, 13,000 m² of epoxy resin and around 100 articulated arms and hoods.

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