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Imagined by Margot Duclot, this construction project realized for Expansiel Habitat counts 72 housing units in accession distributed on 2 distinct buildings around a heart of island composed of a green space of a surface of 400 m ² sculpted by movements of grounds forming mounds planted in groves. 

The dwellings located on the ground floor have an outdoor extension in the open air. 100% of the dwellings from T3 upwards have a double orientation and 95% of them benefit from additional spaces (terraces, balconies, loggias). The common areas are naturally lit. A cameo of bricks alternating smooth and hand-molded, matte and glazed, gives the buildings an almost monochromatic color and organizes the architectural composition of the façade.
This site served as a test for the HAS project entitled "Kitting / Supply Chain / BIM". The aim of this project was to simplify and improve the safety and ergonomics of our construction sites, to facilitate order entry and data extraction, while reducing the inherent irritants, to make the planning more reliable, to simplify the monitoring of the construction site, of the TMA and particular services, to optimize the monitoring of waste and the end-of-construction stocks thanks to the provision of a common work platform. As soon as the digital model was designed, the information required by all the trades (types of doors, opening direction, switches, etc.) was integrated and Power BI generated a precise listing of all the needs of the operation. The Lean planning was interfaced with the material requirements to plan the orders as the site progressed. This project also proposes a solution of packing and supply on site with an ESAT which ensures the reception, the storage and the dispatch of the material.

The delivery of the operation was carried out without reserve and with only 0,7 reserve on average by purchaser for the greatest satisfaction of our customer.

The storage of inert earth from the earthworks on the ZAC for the future development of our green spaces, the recovery of pallets by an external service provider or the reuse of the cladding for the closure of lot B3 currently in progress are fine environmental actions carried out by the production teams. 


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