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Ideally located close to the city's main roads, phase 1 of thebproject "L'Eveil de Flaubert" is the first step in the urban renewal of Rouen's left bank, as envisioned by the Rouen Normandy Metropolitan Authority. This ambitious project, developed by Linkcity Grand Ouest, combines environmental excellence with social and intergenerational diversity, with the aim of making a positive contribution to the quality of life in the area.
Reminder of the project

The end of the structural work

Led by a masterful hand by more than 100 workers, including some 40 of its own, the structural work phase of the project is gradually coming to an end.

The structural work on the 9,000 sq.m., seven-storey office building along Avenue Jean Rondeaux, which will house the Bouygues Group entities currently housed on the Marco Polo site, has been completed. The last floor of the building was poured at the beginning of April, and the installation of the terraced acroteria has just been completed, constituting the final stage of the structural work. Now it's time to move the equipment back in. At the same time, the installation of the first windows has begun on level 2, as has the heating, ventilation and plumbing work on the first three levels. 

In accordance with the schedule, work on the part housing the 44 new homes for SOGEPROM is continuing actively, with nearly 70% of the exterior woodwork installed on the first 5 levels. The assembly of the partitions, as well as the installation of the piping, heating and plumbing networks are completed on the first 3 levels. The model apartment was delivered at the beginning of April and the interior finishing work will begin thereafter. At the same time, the treatment of the facades is continuing. The mass-colored concrete has been sandblasted at the base of the building and the rest of the facades will be sanded to make them uniform and a water repellent will be applied. A paint will be applied inside the loggias for the heart of the block and a wooden cladding will cover the other facades.  The work will begin as soon as the structural work is completed, in May.

Installation of wood floors
April 13 was marked by the installation of the first wooden floors made by the Manubois company, which produces glued laminated timber (LCA), mainly in beech. Following the 70 wooden posts installed in the tertiary building, it is now the turn of the 1,350 m² of wooden floors to be installed, a task carried out in-house.

First feedback from Team Leader Christophe BARRE: "It's laid like a concrete slab. It's interesting, it's a real discovery.

The pace of the work carried out on the whole site allows the teams to continue the work on the housing parts of the project, and ahead of schedule for cages C (30 social housing units for Rouen Habitat) and D (40 intermediate housing units for CDC Habitat)!

The installation of the corner pieces and the external joineries continues in the F cage of the building which corresponds to the 50 housing units for I-Selection. Similarly, the installation of the lacquered PVC exterior joinery and partitions is in full swing. At the same time, work on the 92-unit senior citizens' residence is continuing with the installation of partitions and air conditioning systems. These services are specifically adapted to the future users.

Lastly, the teams have begun co-activity with RNA for the installation of the wastewater and rainwater networks and high-voltage cabling, at the level of Avenue Jean Rondeaux and the future Rue François Depeaux.
The main stages to come are the dismantling of the crane working on the accessions in May and the waterproofing of the tertiary building and the accessions before the summer. This will be followed by the dewatering of these same buildings during the summer, all of which will ensure the first delivery of the 44 housing units to SOGEPROM at the end of 2022!

Tic-tac tic-tac...
Le déménagement des collaborateurs du Marco Polo approche !
Restez attentifs, des nouvelles arriveront très prochainement !
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