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The tender was won by Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest's Nantes-based teams and includes the construction of a new control room near the production units at the heart of the refinery, which occupies an area of more than 350 hectares. This new industrial building has a floor area of 1,350m2 distributed over two storeys, and will manage all the refining units and consolidate the small control rooms that are currently scattered around the site. On the ground floor there will be three command rooms, operator rooms, offices for the chief operators, a canteen, and utility rooms. The first floor will house offices.

The construction of the future control room is a part of TotalEnergies' HORIZON project, the objective of which is to modernise their industrial facilities to produce fuels with lower sulphur content that conform to changing European requirements.  

This project is worth more than €10 million and involves major safety challenges, as it is built on a SEVESO classified site:
- Building resistance to fire and explosion at a required pressure of 10t/m2 for the entire structure (blast proof)
- Guaranteed air tightness for toxic gas hazards; positive pressure of the building ensured by AHUs

To meet these required safety standards, the construction teams will build a reinforced concrete structure (3,100m3 of concrete for 1m3/m2) including very thick walls and slabs (up to 40cm) and major reinforcement (600t of steel). Technical facilities will be duplicated to ensure continued activity in the event of an accident. A highly energy-absorbent protective net (in this case for blast protection) will be placed on the roof above the AHUs to contain any possible projections of debris. Blast dampers will be installed as a further risk prevention measure for the site. External joinery will be solid and explosion-proof.

The contract was confirmed in August and the signing took place on 22nd September. Once some initial preparatory work is carried out, the site living quarters will be set up in October and the crane will arrive at the beginning of January 2022, thereby kicking off structural works. Delivery is expected in March 2023 following a number of handovers to TotalEnergies. 

TotalEnergies chose Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest because of the quality of the required safety processes and its expertise in constructing industrial structures with stringent site requirements and quality criteria.
Customer relations, which have been maintained for several years—especially by the after-sales service teams following the construction of the Astrolabe building in 2009—played a crucial role in the success of this contract, as TotalEnergies sought the same level of service for this new building.

Like the Lidl Plouagat project, this new project demonstrates Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest's expertise in the construction of high added-value industrial structures for private clients.

The project
Project owner: Total Raffinage France
Project manager: Artelia
Main Contractor: Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest
Co-contracting for building wiring for power and other services: Eiffage Energie Systèmes
Co-contracting for HVAC: Cegelec Clim Ouest
Co-contracting for roads and utility services: Colas France (Saint-Nazaire branch)
Project cost, covering all trades: €10.3 million
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