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Entitled La Serre Habitée, this project is one of the 21 programs selected in 2014 for the call for projects launched by the Paris City Council "Réinventer Paris".

Designed by Vincent Saulier Architecture, this social residence for young students consists of 24 housing units spread over 6 levels on a very small plot in the heart of the 20th district.

The structure is mixed wood and concrete, the housing units are heated by digital radiators type QRAD and a heat pump has been installed for domestic hot water.

The building is equipped with an autonomous agricultural greenhouse on the roof and interior gardeners in the duplexes.

The architectural students of ENSA-Paris-Belleville, future tenants of the premises, worked on the guiding principles of the project and accompanied its realization as part of their studies.
All the spaces designed for shared accommodation can easily be transformed into family housing to adapt to changing needs. The inhabited greenhouse is also a project of solidarity life, managed by the ALJT, with a large place given to shared spaces between roommates and to polyvalent spaces opened to associations and producers.

The association VENI VERDI will accompany the students in the management of the urban agricultural spaces.

In terms of certifications and labels, the operation meets the requirements of the City of Paris Climate Plan, the NF Habitat H&E label (excellent level), the Biosourcé label and Effinergie+. 

Design offices: PARICA, for structural and economic studies, CHOREME for the
"MAYA for thermal, fluid and environmental studies and La Calade for the definition of the most relevant innovation challenges in terms of energy strategies and global cost.


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