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A few months before delivery, 480 housing units have been renovated out of the 505 planned in total. Our teams are now working on the restructuring of the last 25 apartments. A major operation that fully illustrates our know-how in terms of rehabilitation on an occupied site.

58,000: this is the number of hours worked in own production by our workers since the start of construction in the summer of 2021. Produced for Logirem, with the architect Sébastien Labastie and the technical design office Archetype BECT, this project consists of:
- rehabilitate 480 housing units in occupied sites spread over 16 buildings
- restructure 20 unoccupied housing units to transform them into 25 one-bedroom apartments.

On the site, the operations prior to acceptance (OPR) are coming to an end for the 480 housing units occupied, as are the repairs to the waterproofing of the roof and those related to the external thermal insulation of the facades. The team is currently mobilized on the facades (cladding and installation of sunscreens on the balconies) and on the painting work in the common areas. It should also be noted that 11 out of 13 elevators have already been replaced.

Next steps in sight: the restructuring of the entrance hall of the highest building of the residence, building D. At the same time, 16,000 hours of work have been carried out to date by people who have lost employment in order to support them in their professional reintegration.

This operation is part of an urban renewal project led by the city of Port-de-Bouc and the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis. See you in September for delivery!

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