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Describe yourself in 3#.    
# Dynamic 
# Passionate 
# Curious 

Can you describe your career path in the Group?   

I was hired by Construction Privée after my end-of-study internship in 2013, firstly by carrying out the supervision of all trades in an office building. Afterwards, I continued with structural work on a building site in Paris, and then with all trades supervision on one of the buildings of this project. Afterwards, I alternated between structural work, architectural work and roofing on various office projects of different sizes.  
You are currently Deputy Head of the Architectural Department. Can you tell us what this involves and what your day-to-day life is like?    

The architectural trades include all the coverings that are "visible" at the end of the work. Along with the facade, these are the most important trades for architects and our clients because they highlight their project. My job is first of all to link the expectations of the architects with those of our subcontractors who carry out these services, while guaranteeing the conformity and quality of the works. Once the study phase has been completed, a second stage is gradually set up, namely the execution. My role is then to coordinate the teams of works managers so that the work is carried out in compliance with safety, quality and the project schedule. 
What are the particularities of your job?   

These are specific to the construction industry: but first of all, I think that we are in the middle of a very rich ecosystem. In fact, we can talk to our architects, design offices, project managers, project managers, subcontractors, workers and company managers all in the same day and it's very interesting! Furthermore, it is very satisfying to be able to follow our projects from start to finish by seeing what we worked on during the study phase come to fruition.  

What qualities are required for this type of position?  


What is the challenge in your career that you are most proud of?  

I am proud of all the projects we have completed because each project is unique and it is always a team effort that allows us to meet all the challenges and particularities of each of our projects. I am also proud when I pass by an old operation to know that I have contributed to a project that has had a positive and lasting impact on its neighbourhood, we do a job that leaves a mark! 

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