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Alexis Hanquinquant, employee and champion... of GOLD!
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Tell us about your background in a few lines: 
I am an urban planner by training and I also have a degree in management and finance. 
I have worked on the project management side, public project management with social landlords in Ile de France. I have also worked as a consultant for innovative start-ups. 
Through my previous professional experiences, I participated in the development of several projects at different scales: urban requalification, new construction, rehabilitation. 
I then wanted to move into a more operational role, and it was with great motivation and curiosity that I joined the Bouygues group at Habitat Résidentiel in June 2021 as head of the works department [> multi-site operations manager]. 

How did your integration go?  
I was accompanied by a tutor/referent for 3-4 months, to whom I could ask all my questions - he was very available and very attentive, and was invaluable in helping me to learn the tools and processes at Bouygues.  
The induction programme at Habitat Residential also includes individual meetings with various people from different departments, which allow us to quickly get an overview of the new working environment and at the same time create links with new employees. 
After three months, a discussion with my hierarchy was organised; this was an opportunity for me to give my astonishment report and my proposals for action.  
All these measures are very valuable and contribute to a faster integration. 

Can you tell us in a few words what your tasks are?
As Head of Works, my main tasks are to ensure the success of the two operations I have been given. My objective is to deliver our clients' projects in accordance with the specifications, the schedule and the budget of the operation. I manage teams of construction engineers within the framework of internal processes, ensuring their safety and guaranteeing quality control of the work. 
I also have cross-functional tasks: I take part in the territorial committee, the CSR committee and the gender committee. These committees also allow me to be a player in the company's development.   

Can you give us 3# for the qualities that are essential as a works department manager?

What do you particularly like about your job?  
I like being at the heart of an eco-system of key players in the area: project owner, architect, partner companies, public players and even the final purchasers. 
My new job combines relationships, management and fieldwork.  It is a great source of pride for me to accompany the challenges of new construction methods and the strategic issues of tomorrow's territories. 

What advice would you give to women who want to work in the construction industry? 
I think that above all you have to be yourself. 
In my opinion, feminine sensitivity is an asset in the field; it reduces the balance of power in the managerial relationship between teams and the various participants in the life of a project. 
Construction jobs are changing and I think I am a good illustration of the fact that the group is now banking on the diversity of profiles and skills as an asset to differentiate itself.

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