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What made you choose the construction industry? 

My father is a passionate architect, I grew up visiting churches and learning the difference between Baroque and Gothic style by the age of 10 (you can tell that I was already a bit of a nerd back then). 
Later on, I discovered civil engineering, a sexy beauty. 

At the time of choosing my university degree I was indecisive, so I asked for his advice. I clearly remember his words: “It is your decision to make, and I will be there to support you but be aware that civil engineering is a man’s world, you will face some difficulties and challenges”. He was very honest. 

I felt that those reasons were not enough for missing out on the opportunity to play a role in increasing the health and quality of life of people or shaping communities and connecting them as civil engineers do. 

I took up the challenge and dared: Civil engineering it was going to be. 

What are the particular challenges that women have to overcome in the industry?

From my working experience in Spain, United Kingdom and three unforgettable weeks in Uganda during a solidarity project organised by VSL (, I can share some of the challenges that I have experienced and discussed with other women:  

Say no: Women tend to accept requests and obligations that we would have rather avoided. In my experience, when you take on too many or the wrong things, you waste time, energy and distract yourself from what’s really important. 
We need to build strong boundaries. Learn to say no and most importantly, learn when to say yes. 

Put yourself forward: Your experience and skills make you unique. If you have made it to where you are through hard work and perseverance, do not be afraid to speak up and go for the next challenge. 
You can always reach out and ask for support when you need it. 
Not only can putting yourself forward benefit your own career, it can also help inspire others. People are interested in your point of view. 

How do you think this sector will evolve in terms of the employment of women? What roles will they be required to take on given how the industry will evolve over the next few years? 

I believe that our sector will evolve at the same pace that society and women’s self-belief will do. Regardless of the new roles that can come up in the future, if we do not change our mindset, we will still face similar barriers. 

Women should not need to prove themselves to others or to conform to the world’s idea of what a leader should look like.

In my opinion, we need to keep showing up so we will make it easier for the next generation of women in our shoes.
Let’s create new challenges for girls, let’s give them the opportunity to choose which one will be theirs because our gender will not (and should not) be one of those challenges.

Believe in yourself, be confident and fight for what you want. I dare you. 


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