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You were involved in the creation of this new format. What support has been provided to implement this change? How would you say the campaign is going so far?
Virginie Patron (VP) / When the annual interviews were launched in early January, Bouygues Construction provided remote training to both employees and managers.
To what end? To present the reasons for this new type of interview, the main changes and the new format on Global HR.

The five hour-and-a-half long Live Events were attended by over 7,000 employees and managers. We're delighted with this level of involvement, which confirms everyone's commitment to monitoring their performance and, more generally, their career.

Did you miss the Live Events? No need to panic! Click here to access the sessions in ByLearn, on Replay!

The interview campaign ends on March 31, 2021, and nearly 69% of interviews are still in the "Preparation" stage. Over 16,300 annual discussion meetings have been launched in Global HR, covering the ETAM (Office Workers, Technicians and Supervisors) / Executives France sector. While the figures in this report, a month from the end of the campaign, are entirely normal, I would urge employees and managers not to wait until the last minute to finalise their interviews.
What feedback have you received so far from employees and managers about this new format?
VP / For the moment, the feedback is positive and employees are pro-active in preparing for this important moment of yearly communication. While the new format takes longer to prepare than its predecessor, it boosts communication and makes it flow more freely.

"With this new format, I spent about an hour preparing for the interview, as recommended. That process helped me bring very clear, well-ordered ideas to the interview.
I found the "informal" communication phase extremely valuable. It allows you to approach various subjects with your Manager in a confident and relaxed manner."

Florian Faneuil, Assistant Energy Site Manager at Bouygues Energies & Services
"As a Manager, I'm glad these steps have been taken to improve the way the 'interview structure'. It definitely enhances the fluidity of communication with employees.
With this new format, I find the exchange very complete: we were able to go over the goals of the past year and assess them, as well as discussing the quality of the managerial relationship. In my opinion, this made it possible to communicate more freely with Florian."

Benoit Arlot, Senior Works Supervisor at Bouygues Energies & Services and Florian's manager.
What lies ahead for this new format project, in terms of follow-ups and prospects?
VP / The new format was piloted in some of our entities last year, which allowed us to make a few adjustments before coming up with the current finished version.
At the end of this year's interview campaign, we will interview a panel of employees in order to collect feedback and define any areas for improvement for next year's implementation of this new format.

We will also continue to deploy this new format internationally, adapting it to local cultures and legal constraints wherever necessary.
Lastly, this year, we plan to launch a virtual annual interview project for journeymen. We aim to have it up and running in time for the 2021-2022 interview campaign.

Over 25,000 ETAM (Office Workers, Technicians and Supervisors) / Executives interviews are held in Global HR in total, all countries combined.
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Contact : Virginie PATRON
Responsable Mobilité Bouygues Construction
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