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A 3-year support programme

Bouygues Construction has committed to support EPF students over a 3-year period throughout their training. From their professional development to their employment, students will be monitored and supported by our teams.

In order to bring this sponsorship to life, conferences, forums, work site visits and numerous events will be organised! This is an opportunity for Bouygues Construction to promote and highlight its different business lines to the students.

Role models to inspire and feminise our business lines

This sponsorship reflects our commitment to the feminisation of our business lines. Among its student population, EPF has 35% young women, making it the one of the generalist schools that trains the most women engineers.

Estelle Darbois, the sponsor of the class of 2024, is a representative and inspirational figure for the female students and wants to inspire many of them to dream of an exciting career in the construction sector. Recruitment, promotion, and making Bouygues Construction’s jobs more attractive to both male and female students are the three key areas of this collaboration.

This partnership strengthens the already strong historical relationship between EPF and BYCN. It was important to us to establish a partnership with a school that shares our conviction that it is possible to be a woman engineer and have an excellent career, including in our construction professions. These three years spent with students from the three EPF campuses will enable us to present the diversity of our professions, to build close relationships with future players in the profession and to support these future talents in their integration into the world of work.

Michaël Truntzer Recruitment & Employment Brand Manager Bouygues Construction
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Contact : Marielle MERLAUD
HR Projet Manager
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