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January : Learning about hybrid working during the ‘Working remotely with confidence’ training course !

New Year’s resolutions had to be made just as they are at the start of every year! With this in mind, Bouygues Construction University rolled out the ‘Working remotely with confidence’ training course.
This involves a more fun, practical way of combining work and well-being using various formats and educational approaches, interspersed with quizzes and advice.
Not done the training yet ? Check it out here !


February : Bouygues Construction University continued to offer training remotely !

The Language Learning Centre continues to train all employees using remote learning. Any employee wishing to develop their skills in languages can access individual courses and tailor-made training services provided by teachers working in their native language who understand the culture of the company's areas of business.
Find out more from the LLC !


March : Remote learning in full swing with Relation & Leadership 1 !

Participants learn how to make an impact in their oral and written communication using a ‘remote’ format! Employees are able to work on the 4 key management skills of listening, being assertive, sharing and developing during the Relation & Leadership 1 training course. This training course combines experience and practice through numerous simulations and theoretical exercises.
The complete programme can be seen at Global HR Formation


April : Getting ready to resume face-to-face training in complete safety !

Bouygues Construction University was able to resume face-to-face training by adapting our educational activities to fit the current health situation. The training team redesigned and rethought courses so that the same educational objectives could be achieved in complete safety. In addition, some of the activities provided have been modified to meet health regulations. For example, the way the Leader Sécurité 1 training course is taught has been redesigned so that it is delivered to 3 small groups.
Find out all about the LS1 training course – a safety course during which you will work on and acquire 7 safety skills !


May : The Odysseans take up their ‘Odyssey’ again and the Marco Polos resume their ‘travels’ !

In equally safe conditions, we were able to resume the Odyssey and Marco Polo seminars which develop participants' leadership skills and expertise in business strategy.
Click here to read the MARCO POLO and ODYSSEY programmes IN FRENCH.
They are also available as MARCO POLO and ODYSSEY programmes IN ENGLISH.


June : Gofluent is launched a personalised language learning platform !

We opened up access to the Gofluent platform last June in order to support our international development. You can learn nine different languages here in a completely flexible, independent way! Available to all via ByLearn, the platform allows you to develop your language skills and improve your vocabulary. It also offers a wide choice of content suitable for every level, as well as a selection of content to match our areas of business.
The launch of Gofluent has been a real success, with over 3,000 employees boosting their language skills by the end of December 2021.
Not tried it yet ? Click here !



July : Raising employees’ awareness about climate issues !

Bouygues Construction announced its climate strategy goals in January 2021. So that we can all commit and act together on this important issue, an interactive training course in 3 languages has been designed and made available online on ByLearn.  
What are its aims? To raise awareness amongst all our employees and to ensure their involvement by making them key players in the company's climate strategy. Using various short, fun formats based on key, engaging themes, employees can learn about and discover the challenges involved in our climate strategy. Climate change, greenhouse gases and carbon footprints are just some of the many topics covered in this training course.
This course is available to all and has proved to be very popular, with over 3,500 participants trained by the end of December 2021 !
Make the most of it ! Click here


August : Time to rest and shut down the computers !

After a well-earned break, we reassembled on the return to work in September to find out about the ByforU project. Its aim is to improve our IT practices and reinforce good document management habits, while safeguarding our working practices.
The programme focuses on 3 main areas, namely promoting collaborative working, limiting the retention period of documents and emails and ensuring the availability of information. More than 50 awareness and training sessions on these good practices have already taken place in 2021 !
Sign up or watch a webcast ! 


September : Face-to face activities back on track with new methods of hybrid working !

Bouygues Construction University is always on the lookout for improved ways to learn, so has been making the most of innovative training techniques.
The setting up of hybrid training courses combining face-to-face and distance learning, such as the Relation & Leadership 2 and Build-Up seminars, which are supplemented by a series of virtual classes, are an example of this.
Virtual reality has even been used to practice pitching using headsets during public speaking training sessions. This is a creative and effective way to learn which combines technology and education.
Find out more by looking at the complete programmes on Global HR Formation


October : Learning how to make our daily lives easier !

To put it simply, sometimes you have to look for what is already there! During October, Bouygues Construction University worked together with Edflex so that everyone could access the many resources online which could contribute to their own personal development. Videos, podcasts, articles and MOOCs have been selected to meet everyone's needs, particularly on the themes of trust and keeping things simple.
In order to make our employees’ daily lives easier and to simplify life at work, we also shot the series Simply Together Learning. Filmed as a series of short videos, trainers and employees share their best tips and practical advice about working efficiently on a daily basis.


November : Bouygues Construction University and ByPro obtain the Qualiopi certification.

This certification confirms that our organisation and our continuing professional development processes comply with a recognised standard of excellence and professionalism. For employees, this guarantees the quality of their training experience within the company.
This November was also the chance to promote the Artificial Intelligence acculturation course. This is an opportunity to sharpen your understanding of the different forms of AI and learn more about this essential part of our digital transformation !


December : Remote learning brings our international employees together !

Thanks to remote learning and the implementation of several training sessions open to all, we have been able to bring together people from all walks of life! Financial controllers from different countries met remotely to participate in our Cap Evolution training in English. It was a good way to bring our employees from all over the world together while enjoying some self-improvement !

Our training programme for 2022 is already ready. Please take a look at Global HR Formation.
Bylearn’s available content is also continuing to increase and is ready and waiting for anyone wishing to learn together !

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Contact : Julien RICARD
Training Director - Bouygues Construction University
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