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Some of you are familiar with our “Role Models” articles, thank you! The role models who featured in these articles are called Molly, Vanessa, Nga, Song, Maria, Agnès..., and they agreed to give us their point of view as women working in the construction sector. Here is what they said…

1/ What made you choose the construction industry?

Maria, VSL UK Bid Manager: “I felt that I just couldn’t miss out on playing a role in increasing the health and quality of life of people or shaping communities and connecting them as civil engineers do”.

Vanessa, Technical manager VSL Switzerland: “Today, I still enjoy taking on challenges (technical and organisational), participating in the resolution of technical problems, but also passing on my knowledge to younger engineers and participating in their development.”

Agnes, Deputy General Manager VSL Philippines: “I saw photos of the projects that VSL did in the Philippines and in other countries and I was amazed and I thought it would be interesting to work in the construction industry.”

2/ What are the particular challenges that women have to overcome in the industry?

Song, VSL Thailand Managing Director: “Acceptance and being open-minded are the keys to gender equality in the workplace and everywhere.”

Agnes: “Women Engineers ARE ready to work on projects. That’s why more and more women are choosing to study engineering.”

Molly, Contracts Manager VSL Australia: “Most challenges are just ‘paper tigers’ when you believe in yourself.” 

3/ How do you think this sector will evolve in terms of the employment of women? What roles will they be required to take on given how the industry will evolve over the next few years?

Vanessa: “VSL drive for the feminisation of teams will, I am sure, change the minds of even the most reticent.”

Maria: “In my opinion, we need to keep showing up so we will make it easier for the next generation of women in our shoes.”

Molly: “On top of a greater female representation in the workplace, I am confident there will be more women leaders emerging in the coming years pioneering change in the construction industry.”

David Myerscough, VSL HR Director, says: “I am proud that we are really pushing for better gender diversity in VSL. It is good for the organisation: it means better collaboration, more creativity and a better place to work! A more inclusive workplace is also more attractive to potential candidates and will make it easier for us to recruit the right talent going forward. It’s a virtuous circle!”

Thank you for your comments to our role model articles!

-    “Well done for these posts on #rolemodels, always authentic and inspiring! And thank you for sharing them widely ».

-    “Fantastic mam...Truly Motivating for all ladies.......hats off...”

-    "I’m proud of our Role models and fully support better gender diversity in the work place.”

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Contact : David MYERSCOUGH
Human Resources Director VSL
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