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The 12 golden rules for successful feedback – by Stéphane Moriou
1. The brain is not wired for proper and objective self-assessment. We have a vital need for feedback in order to understand our strengths and areas for development.
2. Feedback is a gift you offer someone to help him or her grow and unleash his or her potential. It impacts performance and transformation.

It is a free act from one free person to another free person. When we give feedback, the other person is free to take it or not. Feedback is not an order.

Praising or blaming someone is not sharing feedback because compliments and reproaches do not allow us to learn something and develop.

When sharing positive feedback, you want to encourage someone to repeat a good behaviour. He or she needs to learn something he or she does not know.

Negative feedback verbalises the error that should not be reproduced. You should avoid using it since it has a negative impact on the other’ self-esteem.

Instead you should use corrective feedback, i.e tell the other person what he or she should do differently in the future to become more efficient.

The performance equation “performance = potential - interferences” reminds us that we should give both positive and corrective feedback on the same topic.

When receiving feedback, we need to learn to listen, i.e shut up to understand. The only correct response to feedback is to say: thank you!

When asking for feedback, it is recommended to inform the other person in advance and to target the request: tell me one thing I did well, and one thing I could improve on.

Feedback is more efficient when we set feedback rules with the other person and when we prepare ourselves.

Feedback can be given in the moment the action happens, or at the end of a series of actions, ideally in a face-to-face situation. It is key to give feedback with sincerity and generosity.

Pour aller plus loin, participez à une conférence inédite !
To take things further, Stéphane Moriou will be hosting a new conference for all the group's employees on Monday 31 January, from 12.30 to 2pm. With kindness and humour, he will go over the key concept of feedback.
Click here to go online on Monday 31 January at 12:30 and add the event on your calendar.
Conference in English. A replay of the conference will be available after the event.
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