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Bouygues Construction University, end of year report : 2021 in images
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Bouygues Construction continues to adapt its HR policy to provide more transparency and opportunities for discussion. One of the issues to be addressed by the annual exchange meeting is the attention given to manager-employee relationships so as to provide a venue for more balanced and better quality discussion. This procedure also shows the company’s initiative in building up the dynamics of simplicity and confidence in its relationships

Aside from these new issues, the Annual Exchange Meeting also adapt to the company’s digital transformation. From preparation to signing, the process takes place online via GlobalHR. The discussion itself takes place in person (health conditions and restrictions permitting).

These meetings can be scheduled as of now!

Based on listening and discussion, the Annual Exchange Meeting have two main objectives:
1.    To produce an assessment of the past year and an overview of actions taken and results achieved.
2.    To make projections for the coming year, as much regarding fixed goals and supporting actions - such as training - as the professional prospects in view, such as career mobility and progression.

Previously called “Annual Performance Meeting”, Annual Exchange Meeting were launched in France in 2021. In 2022, it will spread to the United Kingdom, Morocco, Switzerland, Canada, and Australia. The globalisation of this new procedure will continue in 2023.

To support employees and managers during this change, training sessions will be carried out during the month of January.

All the documents and useful information can be found on the HR page of Bouygues Construction’s internal website.

The training materials and guides can be found on ByLearn.

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Contact : Virginie PATRON
Responsable Mobilité Bouygues Construction
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