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With 1,800 job openings at BYES, including 700 in France, BYES is the biggest recruiter within Groupe Bouygues Construction. Raising the awareness of our jobs is a key challenge for good recruitment.
Employees from the France Geographic Area have been brave enough to go on camera and share with us their day-to-day jobs and proud moments, inspiring vocations in others.

Our employees have talent
Among 700 job openings, over 250 are external infrastructure, technical construction engineering and facility management jobs.
20 committed and passionate employees, bringing a wide range of experience from the four corners of France, answered the question “what’s your job all about?” It’s a concrete way for the new “Let’s drive the world forward” recruitment campaign to showcase our male and female employees, from 1 July on social media.

6 films for 6 jobs

Objective: raise awareness about exciting jobs in areas we need to strengthen.

- Site Foreman with Damien, Lahcen and Pierre
Maintenance Technician with Serge and Mickaël
- Site Manager with Sarah, Benoît, Ludovic and Cédric
- Price Studies with Alexandre, Simon, Eddie and Anthony
- Construction Studies with Emmanuelle, José and Patrice
- Project Manager with Juliette, Audrey, Christian and Pierre

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Contact : Anne-Laure MISSLIN
HR Development Manager - ZG France - Bouygues Energies & Services
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