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What if it were you?

Are you a geeky executive, a volunteer executive assistant or a new hire as a construction supervisor?
Join Lucie, Caroline and Niels as they discover and use the Office 365 suite to make their jobs easier

Our Office 365 and Us series takes you through the best practices of the Office 365 Suite.

On the programme
1.           The one who finds all his data with OneDrive
2.           The one who collaborates with SharePoint
3.           The one who finds her document with

By the end of the season, you'll know all about the uses of Office 365!


Today, OneDrive : The one who finds all his data with OneDrive

In the aftermath of cyber-pandemic viruses, backing up our documents has become a must...but not just that...there are far less exceptional situations

Your best ally ? the OneDrive survival kit

Then SharePoint : The one that collaborates with SharePoint

Alone we go faster... Together we go further! For a more efficient collaborative work, the sharing of good practices ... and documents optimize resources and positive energies. No more handovers of documents stored on the server! #StopDuplication!

With the SharePoint Survival Kit and the SharePoint Team Kit, the basic functionalities will no longer hold any secrets for you and teamwork on SharePoint will become child's play!

Finally, : The one who finds her document with
Too much Sharepoint, too many folders, too much everything...How about adopting the lotus position with A quick and easy way to find all your files in just 2 clicks...

Visit Campus 365 to discover a wealth of information

Want to know even more?
Discover the BBFE MON Digit'All Hub digital transformation portal and connect to the Office 365 cloud  
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