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Bouygues Construction’s policy of gender diversity, launched nearly 10 years ago, has produced some excellent results. Although the Group is aware that there is still some way to go, it can feel proud of the improvement seen in most of its performance indicators.

Bouygues Construction now has 27% female managers in its workforce, which equates to approximately 0.8 points gained each year since the implementation of its gender diversity policy in 2012. The proportion of female managers recruited in the support sectors has reached 48%, meaning almost equal numbers of male and female managers have been hired. The proportion of female Heads of Department and above has doubled in 8 years.

These are good figures, confirmed by a professional equality index which has also been on the rise since 2019 and which is characterised by a clear increase in its weighted average in particular. Units within the Group which were otherwise still ‘below’ the 75-point mark have now managed to attain this. By the end of 2020, all Bouygues Construction’s workforce scope in France had a score of at least 75 points.

What is the professional equality index?
The professional equality index between men and women is provided for by the law of 5 September 2018 and concerns companies with more than 50 employees. These companies are obliged to publish their results.
The Index is out of 100 points and is calculated on the basis of 5 indicators for companies with more than 250 employees:
- The pay gap between men and women
The difference in the distribution of individual salary increases
- The difference in the distribution of promotions (only in companies with more than 250 employees)
- Percentage of employees receiving pay rises on their return from maternity leave
- The gender equality among the 10 highest earners

If the Index is below 75 points, the company must implement corrective measures to reach at least 75 points within 3 years.

Despite its commitment, Bouygues Construction is aware that progress still needs to be made to achieve greater diversity within the Group. For example, the proportion of female Heads of Department and above in support functions, which was at 33% in 2020, can still gain ground. Within operational sectors, the proportion of men remains in the majority and is four times higher than that of women.
The proportion of women managers recruited in these sectors has remained constant at 22% since 2012. Through initiatives, in particular with female students, the Group aims to reach a sustainable 30%.

A goal - looking beyond the figures

Above and beyond the figures and requirements, the Group is pursuing a proactive gender diversity policy to meet its ambition to be an inclusive and socially responsible employer.
By investing in all levels of the HR process (recruitment, occupational and geographical mobility, salary changes, training, talent management, etc.), Bouygues Construction is hoping to facilitate the integration, career development and performance of the Group's women, whatever their entity or profession.

The policy of gender diversity is centred around the following four main areas of focus (find out more here):

- To contribute to the gender balance in order to increase the recruitment of women. To achieve this, the Group has formed a partnership since 2016 with the ‘ Elles Bougent ’ association which aims to introduce young female students to careers in science and engineering in particular

- To monitor the key indicators and the development in the proportion of women in the company, particularly in operational and managerial functions.

- To train and raise awareness during managerial training courses and mentoring activities in particular.

- To make use of the women’s network. The Welink network enables women to discuss their careers, their aspirations and the obstacles they may encounter, and to benefit from the advice of female employees who have risen through the ranks of the Group.


We have been able to implement tangible actions designed to help women progress within the Group and to support their career development, including the implementation of quantified objectives, the coordination of the Welink women's network, the campaign against sexism and agreements on professional equality between men and women. And there are many other initiatives to come...

Isabelle Dubois Wetterwald Director of Diversity & Inclusion

The issues at stake are major and numerous for the company, such as increasing performance, creating a relational balance, gaining in appeal and attracting talent, improving working conditions, and strengthening solidarity and links, etc.
Bouygues Construction, which is aware of these issues (increase in innovation, motivation, loyalty, pride in belonging, visibility of women in positions of responsibility) has included gender equality in management in its monitoring indicators. Gender equality in management will be included in the calculation of executive remuneration. So, there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality in the Group, but all these initiatives have been implemented by Bouygues Construction so that the objective can become a reality.

Two conferences to learn about sexism in the workplace
Sexist behaviour in the workplace remains a reality which needs to be addressed. Bouygues Construction is committed to combating this and to ensuring an inclusive, sexism-free and mutually respectful working environment for all employees.

Two virtual one-hour conferences are going to be organised to raise awareness of gender issues and to cover questions related to this subject.

Join us on 11 March at 12.30 pm for the sexism awareness-raising conference in partnership with Welink.
On the agenda: What is everyday, harmful sexism? What is the legal framework on sexual violence in the workplace? How do gender stereotypes work and how do they result in sexism?
To join the conference via Teams, click here.

Join us for the second conference ‘Sexism, how to act in the workplace?’ on 17 March at 12.30 pm by clicking here.
On the agenda: Why don't victims speak up? How to stop being a passive witness? How to react as a victim? How to react as a manager?
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Contact : Marion BAUDET
Diversity Manager at Bouygues Construction
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