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Organised every summer by the THESEE Centre for Innovation, Education and Equality of Opportunity at the ESSEC business school, the programme helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or with scholarships who are on the cusp of starting their intensive preparatory course work for university. The students will spend a week participating in workshops designed to help them organise their work load, take notes, express themselves orally, and so forth, all of which are crucial skills that will allow them to tackle university with aplomb.
The programme's students first started their morning with a visit to Challenger, where they were shown, in many cases for the first time, what the business environment is like in a large company, as well as what it's like to work in our business lines
Next, the students spoke with four employees of the Group, who discussed their careers with them and answered their numerous questions on preparatory courses and university studies as a whole: "We offered them reassurances about their future, and we also suggested a number of potential employment opportunities!" (Bastien Aroun, BYTP).
Dounia Kattie Keyarou (BYTP) had herself participated in an ESSEC equal opportunity programme in secondary school: "It was important to give back. Having been in their shoes, I know that sometimes all it takes is a speech or a meeting to regain your self-confidence and find your way. This kind of interaction reminds us that we have an important role to play in their lives."
This type of initiative is a testament to Bouygues Construction's commitment to equality of opportunity, and allows our employees to get involved in major social and societal initiatives: "I am proud to be working for a company that participates in the CAP PREPA project", concluded Aliénor de Villepin (Linkcity).

Visit to Challenger.
Dounia Kattie Keyarou: "This kind of interaction reminds us that we have an important role to play in their lives."
Bastien Aroun: "It's always a pleasure to share my experience in the field of Building and Civil Engineering, and I hope I've enticed them to join the field, too!"
Aliénor de Villepin: "I appreciated the straightforwardness of our conversations, the curiosity of the students, and the candour of their well as our answers!"
Claudia Da Cruz: "Their self-confidence will be a key factor in their success, and it's also the company's job to encourage them."
The students are delighted by their morning visit to Challenger!
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